Project Day 1

Tuning the guitarThe launch of my next big music project was on December 12.  I had reached that point where something felt right - I had some free time on my calendar, I made progress on some important songs, and I had been reviewing some new recording software.  One task seemed to flow into another and it just felt like now is the time.

I have set some rather ambitious goals for this project.  I have listed 20 songs that are in different stages of completion.  Some are completely finished except for the recording process, some need finishing touches on the lyrics or the music, and some are really just in the rough draft phase.  It's always difficult to feel that a song is completely finished and that I'm ready to set it in stone by recording it.  So to get all 20 recorded will be quite an accomplishment for me.

I started off with an instrumental Winter Solstice and a song Sweet Tooth Blues.  The writing for both has been finished for some time, although I'll experiment with small changes while recording.  Winter Solstice will be a pretty big accomplishment for me when finished.  It's a unique arrangement that keeps my hands moving and requires some precision.  I want to do it in one complete take, so that means starting over each time there is a small flaw.  I may not make the perfect recording, but it needs to be quite close to perfection to sound as I want it to.

I spent about 2 hours on each song.  The recording software required a little bit of time since I'm using something new for these two songs and I'm still getting familiar with the layout.  Winter Solstice will be my main objective until finished.  Recording went fairly well for just starting a project.  I'm ready to get some things done!

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