The Old and the News 

It's been about 8 years since I posted any did that happen?  I mean I physically did not sit down and type up the words and post on the website to declare any new events, I understand that it is my lack of motivation that made it possible, but eight years gone by so quickly.  I didn't even realize I'd had a website for eight years.

The album that I spoke of in the last post was finally put to rest in 2017.  Introduction was released on as a testament to efforts I'd made over the…

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Closing out the Summer 

This summer has been an interesting journey - in fact pretty much all of 2010 has!  I've branched out into solo acoustic performing with the appearances at the West End Farmers Market.  Solo-acoustic work is not something that I ever had a strong desire to do.  But, as with many things, now that I'm used to it, I have found that it has its own appeal (full electric band is still my favorite).

The acoustic work makes you more accessible to people especially in an environment like the farmers market where…

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New Recording Complete for 'Brother' 

Well it's been too long coming, but finally the day has arrived.  I had some time off over the holidays, so I spent a small portion wisely and worked on the recording for 'Brother'.  It's a song that was written a few years ago and tweaked a lot before recording.  Then, of course, the recording was a stop and start process over a few months.  It doesn't make sense how long it takes to record a 3 or 4 minute song, but when you hear something that doesn't work, you have to re-record quite a few times.  I'm…

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Weekend full of music! 

It's been quite a productive weekend for me.  I guess the weather didn't hurt.  While I would often be tempted to be outside in such wonderful weather, I think that the little bit of time I spent in the mild climate just gave me the energy to get some things done inside.

Although I haven't finished another full recording yet, I made some wonderful progress.  'Brother', which is one that I have been finishing in bits and pieces for quite a while, is coming along nicely.  I didn't spend any recording time…

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A great songwriter's meeting! 

Tonight's meeting of the Virginia Organization of Composers & Lyricists (VOCAL - based in Richmond, Virginia) was fantasic!  We had several new people show up, some of whom had enrolled as members on the website.

It was VOCAL's quarterly In-house Open-mic with a great attendance and about 10 of the songwriters participating.  We had some pop, boogie piano, country, instrumental guitar and rock.  The performances from new members as well as one of our long time members gave many surprises to the evening…

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New song posted...FINALLY! 

After many hours of fidgeting and re-working, I've finally done about all I can do to my latest recording 'The Stranger'.  If you've been to a live performance, you've heard the song before, but this is my 'studio' version that I hope to release on a CD soon.

I've had quite the streak of creative energy lately, with many new song ideas and many new thoughts about things I've already started.  Now I can get back to work on completing the other recording in my stack, 'Brother'.  I'll be working on this song…

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Can't wait for September 

I'm really looking forward to September's VOCAL Showcase performance. It will be fun to perform for my fellow songwriters again and for the great crowds that have been showing up. The VOCAL showcases are becoming quite an event. For the past three or four months, the turnout has been solid and the performances have been the top quality that we know we can deliver I was blown away by August's performers, Sarah Kane and David Atkins. Sarah is new to VOCAL and she made an outstanding debut. I'm looking…

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June/July Update 

I can't believe how long it's been since I posted anything to the website. The past two months flew by like a cool breeze on a hot day Thanks to everyone who has visited the website in July. The visits are growing and I hope that continues. It would be great if you'd leave some comments on the 'guestbook' or visit the 'contact info' to send me an e-mail Since I last updated this journal, I have made a couple of guest appearances (I will add those later), performed some short sets on the VOCAL…

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Wrong kind of Funk! 

I was into some funk today...not the good, groovin' James Brown was the 'can't get nothin' done, can't get my head straight' funk. I got everything set up to record today, but the fingers didn't seem to cooperate and the creativity seemed absent After struggling for an hour or so to get something accomplished, I just took a break. Went out to get something to eat, hoping to move my mental state out of the negative zone by being around some people and just seeing something outside of my…

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It's been too long.... 

.....since I made any progress on the recordings. That will change over the next two weeks. Life has been so busy lately with the tax deadline, and working on getting gigs and meeting musicians, that creating new music just ended up pushed to the side. But with so much accomplished over the past few weeks, I'm looking forward to laser beam focus on creating and recording over the next two weeks. We'll see how it goes. And adding a new gig to the calendar helps with the motivation!