Project Day 2

Warming Up on Day 2Today's short session was about 2 to 3 hours.  I focused on trying to finish Winter Solstice.  The performances get better every few times I try it, but there's still a ways to go before I have finished.  I'm hoping day 3 yields the results I want.

I've definitely learned patience with the recording process.  My first recording project was filled with frustration, mostly because my expectation was that songs that I have performed hundreds of times would be easy to record.  Something about the record button changes things and you have to try to forget that you are recording so that you can play naturally.  It seems that you make many more mistakes when the record light goes on, but some of the mistakes are actually just revealed for the first time because you're listening closely to playback instead of just playing and moving on.

Now I understand that it takes time to get the right take and that comes with being able to relax and forget that there is anything special about the performance.  It's difficult to get in that state of mind, but it is possible and will come with time spent in the recording process.  Onward!


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