Project Day 3 and 4

On December 14 and 15 I spent a few hours each day on the album.  The instrumental Winter Solstice is coming along.  The performances I've recorded are not quite there, so it's more takes to try and get it right.  I could Frankenstein the song, but that's not the route I want to take.

On Saturday I made good progress on the song Autumn Hours.  It is a song I've worked on for many years off and on trying to capture the feeling of autumn that I experience each year.  I think I've made a break through and the song will be ready for recording soon.  I added a bridge a month or two ago and have finally worked out the details on that part.  A few more touches on the lyrics and it should be about ready for recording.  That will represent some good progress as this song has been in the "need to finish" file for way too long.

Hopefully more progress can be made on these songs in the coming week.

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