Project Day 5 to 12

I got behind on the blogging with the activity of the holidays and the excitement of everything including the album project.  Spending an hour or two here and there helps to make progress.  Each take of "Winter Solstice" showed improvements, but it was quite a task to get everything the way I wanted in a precise performance.

Although many songs are part of my rehearsals, I have set them aside for recording sessions to focus on "Winter Solstice".  On Day 11, January 4, 2019, the focus and the many takes during recording paid off.  I'll do a few more takes to see if I can get any closer to that idealistic "perfect take", but I have achieved a very good recording that will do if no more improvements are made.

Many years ago I had to figure out that the relentless pursuit of a perfect recording was a maniacal endeavor.  Sooner or later, if you can no longer improve on what you have done, you have to accept what you have and consider it done.  With that in mind, I should be able to consider "Winter Solstice" complete very soon.

Today, Day 12, I listened back to my "Winter Solstice" recording and will do some production adjustments to get the sound the way I want it before moving on.  I am preparing to work on the recording for a fingerstyle instrumental "Walking With Sharon" as the next part of the recording project.  While also working on some of the lyrical songs I've written, I want to put a lot of energy into the recording for this song.



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