Over a month and all is well

Over a month and all is well......I wrote this post around early to mid-May, but forgot to post it.  So here's a bit of time travel for my thoughts about the album project.....


The previous post was about two weeks ago (late April 2020).  It looks like I was twelve days in last year when I stopped posting updates, so I'm close to a full month of work on the project.  I spent a lot of time on the project over the past two weeks and the progress has been very exciting for me.  I am still rehearsing two instrumentals to record, but last week I decided to go ahead and get started on a full song and it turned out that it was a good decision for me.

I started recording "Autumn Hours"  which is something I began many years ago.  The guitar part was written except for the bridge back those many years ago when I first wrote it.  The lyrics had many rewrites, massages, moldings, before it got into its final form ready for recording.

Today I re-recorded the bass line for "Autumn Hours".  The first couple of takes last week helped me establish the patterns I wanted to play for each part.  Today I went in and cleaned up by re-recording and getting each part correct with some punch-ins.  As simple as the bass part is, it should have taken only one take to get it down, but something happens when you push the record button and your fingers will do strange things that they've never done before when you want them to do the same exact thing you've been rehearsing.

The vocal track has to be re-recorded, but listening to the project after the bass recording was complete has really made me happy.  In the realm of recording, the song is one of the more challenging tasks I've taken on and I feel that prior experiences in the recording process have really paid off, making the project come together with a little more ease than in the past.

When I began recording almost three decades ago, it was often shocking how poorly the recording turned out as opposed to how well I assumed I had performed.  Now I get a nice surprise once in a while when I hit the playback button and that helps feed the desire to keep the project going.  No matter how successful the project is, I feel great that I was able to get it together.

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