Can't wait for September

I'm really looking forward to September's VOCAL Showcase performance. It will be fun to perform for my fellow songwriters again and for the great crowds that have been showing up. The VOCAL showcases are becoming quite an event. For the past three or four months, the turnout has been solid and the performances have been the top quality that we know we can deliver. I was blown away by August's performers, Sarah Kane and David Atkins. Sarah is new to VOCAL and she made an outstanding debut. I'm looking forward to her next performance. With a voice that is passionate and powerful, she really can move an audience with her original songwriting and performance skills. David Atkins is a VOCAL pro who has been away for a while due to a long list of creative events and family life, but boy, he's been saving some energy for VOCAL. With some solid crowd favorites and some songs that were new to my ear, David gave the audience something to remember, with full backing tracks, great vocal abilities and some smooth fretwork. I hope to see you there September 21, where you'll be treated to another great VOCAL artist, Steve Nuckolls and a free show from The Taters! You can't beat that! A great way to start off the week!

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