New song posted...FINALLY!

After many hours of fidgeting and re-working, I've finally done about all I can do to my latest recording 'The Stranger'.  If you've been to a live performance, you've heard the song before, but this is my 'studio' version that I hope to release on a CD soon.

I've had quite the streak of creative energy lately, with many new song ideas and many new thoughts about things I've already started.  Now I can get back to work on completing the other recording in my stack, 'Brother'.  I'll be working on this song while getting the ground work laid for some of these new songs.  I have one brand-spanking-new song that's almost written, which came to me out of the blue about a month ago.  More on that later.

Please let me know what you think of the new song.  Leave a comment on the Guestbook if you like.

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