A great songwriter's meeting!

Tonight's meeting of the Virginia Organization of Composers & Lyricists (VOCAL - based in Richmond, Virginia) was fantasic!  We had several new people show up, some of whom had enrolled as members on the website.

It was VOCAL's quarterly In-house Open-mic with a great attendance and about 10 of the songwriters participating.  We had some pop, boogie piano, country, instrumental guitar and rock.  The performances from new members as well as one of our long time members gave many surprises to the evening.  It was such a great variety.  The broad range of participation and different styles inspired me creatively, the way I was inspired when I first joined the group.  I hope our new friends return still inspired to share their work.

I wish I could have had my new song ready to participate, but I just couldn't get the last few lyrics finished over the weekend, so I'll have to write something new for the next one.  Well, back to my current projects for now!

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