Weekend full of music!

It's been quite a productive weekend for me.  I guess the weather didn't hurt.  While I would often be tempted to be outside in such wonderful weather, I think that the little bit of time I spent in the mild climate just gave me the energy to get some things done inside.

Although I haven't finished another full recording yet, I made some wonderful progress.  'Brother', which is one that I have been finishing in bits and pieces for quite a while, is coming along nicely.  I didn't spend any recording time on it this weekend, but after reviewing what I've already done and playing with the mix, I have found that I'm rather pleased with the progress.  I'm going to re-record the lead and tweak what I'm doing in a few spots.

Probably the most exciting thing was a succesful recording of the rhythm guitar for a new recording.  I have not recorded an acoustic guitar with open mics in a long time, since I usually play electric and do just fine with USB equipment connected to the computer.  But feeling a bit bold, and hoping that things would work out, I found a sweet spot in my house to do acoustic recording.  Usually recording in a home causes the guitar to be rather weak if you don't acoustically treat the room, but I've learned that if you can find a small space in your home and get the mic set up correctly, you can get a respectable recording.  It's a rather cramped spot, so hopefully I'll find another location when I want to do more complex acoustic work.  The working title of the song is 'Autumn' and I'll either use the acoustic guitar out front or back in the mix as additional color.  I successfully recorded the rhythm part in one continuous performance with only 5 or 6 takes.  Unusually quick for me!

The creative energy continues to provide lyrics here and there, so now I must set aside time to pull things together, finish the last line or two of some songs and move along on older material that I want to complete.  A few new guitar riffs are in the works too.  Hopefully I'll find the creativity to add other parts to the riffs and get some new music going.

Until next time....take care.....

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