The Old and the News

It's been about 8 years since I posted any did that happen?  I mean I physically did not sit down and type up the words and post on the website to declare any new events, I understand that it is my lack of motivation that made it possible, but eight years gone by so quickly.  I didn't even realize I'd had a website for eight years.

The album that I spoke of in the last post was finally put to rest in 2017.  Introduction was released on as a testament to efforts I'd made over the course of 20 years to be a songwriter, a guitar player, a studio engineer - overall someone who wanted to say something with music.  Since about 1984 I had recorded ideas, recorded test songs, rhythms and riffs, bits and pieces, to see what it was like to put an idea into existence and to see if I could follow through to completion of the project.

Despite all the hard work, and mild response to the album, I have not lost the desire to write new songs and finish old songs.  Therefore, I'm pushing to get another album done.  And this time I'm going to try taking a huge bite out of the apple by completing a double album.  That will bring me up to date on many song projects and move me forward on creating some newer projects.  Here's to getting things done!

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