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E Five 

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The song was born of a guitar riff.  The main driving riff of the song was something that happened during a practice session.  It was a sound that I really liked just for the qualities of the notes and the acoustics of the guitar that I was using.  No extra distortion or effects were needed to enhance the intriguing blending of the notes.

There was a certain ringing, or twang quality to the notes that I found particularly unique to this riff.  It is probably because of the rapid…

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A Band of Silver 

Listen to 'A Band of Silver'

Sometimes when you are feeling overwhelmed by the worst aspects of humanity, something occurs that reminds you that not all is lost. One of the less admirable qualities that humanity displays is materialism.  Admiring things that look nice, that are eye catching, or exquisite, is understandable.  Bright and shiny things tend to catch the eye and seem to communicate something that the ordinary does not.  But when these objects are looked at as elevating the owner or conveying…

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